Packed and Ready & Back Diagnosis

I’m all packed and 10 kg’s over (eeeep). At $60 per kilo over I am hoping that the airport staff are friendly to me and meet me at half way hehehehe. No point leaving stuff here as I’d just need to re-buy it all when I can just spend (hopefully only a few hundred dollars) in over weight charges which would work out way better.

Stay tuned for the outcome


DIAGNOSIS OF BACK (received a few days ago)


Funny that I am getting a MRI scan just before I go away isn’t it? I felt like I needed it so at least I can go away knowing what the hell is going on and am I worsening it by doing what I am about to do. The bad news is that my bulge (teehehehe) is definitely a disc bulge and it’s ‘bled’ out a little to the left side now. It is making my mornings hard but it loosens up a little in the middle of the day and the nights a little stiff. The neurosurgeon thinks that I’m too young for surgery (my choices were a rod up my spine which avoids major movement (stuff that) or totally take the disc out) but he said he’d only do that if I was 50-60 and I don’t have any pain running down my leg and that’s the main reason surgery occurs anyway. It’s basically about pain management which sucks because to me, that’s less cycling and more unknown territory. The neurosurgeon stated that it’s just bad mechanics. I tried to get a scan of my MRI to put on the blog but it wouldn’t come through and you couldn’t actually see the bulge. I don’t like it when you can’t see my bulge 🙂

Well I’m still going and doing what I can and enjoying every bloody minute of it……..stuff you stupid back that’s what I’m saying. Pain schmain – I’m making history here people – no time for wusses and violins 🙂

My next post will be in Italy somewhere ha ha ha what the (stay tuned for my haircut later today 🙂

See you soon


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2 thoughts on “Packed and Ready & Back Diagnosis

  1. Rin Tin Tin

    Oh Aidy we are going to miss you sooo much!!! You are a strong little red soilder!! Just listen to your body not your head!! Cant wait to get all your posts and pics!! Muchos Luff. xox

  2. Hayley

    Dang it! We were looking for a bit of bulge today.
    Can’t wait to read more. XxxxX

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