Day 8 – 9 – Hanging in Verona

I spent the day doing a few homely things like tinker  with my bike. A few things that I wasn’t happy with – chain, gearing, speedo, pannier alignment bla bla bla.

I then spent a few hours researching a route for the grand overall tour and then a few days in advance of campsites. I found it hard deciding on a mojor route because there is nothing for where I want to go but I did find some what they call ‘EuroVelo (EV)’ Routes which do encompass some of my path. After a bit of reading the EU have combined governments and mapped out the best possible views and camping by bicycle if you follow the certain signs but from reading a few forums they can be haphazard and hard to follow due to it being kind of early stages – well it’s not totally finished yet and there is no real website that explains it all. ANYWAY – enough boring stuff. So some of my route will include that EV routes 2, 8, and 9 and the rest will be plan as I go.  I’m still deciding on buying a proper GPS or just use my iphone to mark waypoints and go by maps that I find along the way – i’m having a great time so far so why not. One thing my iphone app gps thingo is great for is marking waypoints like where my campsite is – where a supermarket is that I find along the way in the city so they are so easy to find again. I am the first person to tell you when I am good at something but I am also the first person to tell you when I suck at it too and directions and mapping is something that a 5 year old is better at than me – you’d think my compass of a nose would hold me good but no sorry – it’s just for looks.

Food thought – yesterday i purchased a cappuccino, yoghurt, water, and a croissant and it cost me 4.20 eur – kind of like $5ishaud in the heart of Verona – excellento.

I felt all Italian like ordering a small gelati in a cup and a short black and I actually got what I asked for WOOT WOOT – Score. (mind the spelling) una cupette grande (picolo is small) baci and pistacchio – not too hard is it hehe gelati and coffee expert now.

I walked around town alot the last two days and soaked it all up – it is AMAZING HERE – It is high season as i’ve stated so people are like ants here and I tend to go early in the morning or really late at night and it’s cooler too.  I saw the Verona Arena (small collesseum) and there was an opera going on and I could see it from the highpoint of my campsite so that was very memorable.

Last night we had a few beers and listened to some travellers who brought their guitar and violin along and they played for a couple hours – it was beautiful to listen to them together and relax in the hot summers night with a beer and chats – not much beats that.  I have had many great chats with travellers here (it’s a pit stop for all kinds of people here) A couple I met from the US and A (as Borat says) CHINQUEEEE – are bicycle touring but decided yesterday to go separate ways and meet up again in Berlin as she is flying direct there. He then asked if he can cycle with me to Berlin and I had to kindly decline as I said in my most polite way that I did this to get away from my wife…not collect another one ha ha – jk – I just said that I really want to do my own thing and don’t really want to to ride that amount of time with someone  – they were great people so if you are reading this guys – I hope your travels work out well and you will probably have better memories doing what is your best decision at the time.

So onto the next people – Ferit and Thomas from Paris – I spent a day and a bit walking around and chatting to these two 20odd year olds but they are going on 45. Travelled the world and are good to sit and chat about nothing with.  One recently got into medicine and the other is getting into the airforce as a helicopter pilot – the chats are so varied here and its great.

Last night I sat for about 2 hours and watched the town from a great lookout and really felt like I am living it up (as i’ve said a million time) – it was really nice

I am getting itchy legs though and am starting to feel like a resident almost so it’s time to pack and go early tomorrow morning and get on the road again – I think I really am enjoying the travels and gtting to different places more than the actually busy cities so that’s why I chose half of my route to be whatever I want and whatever happens happens. Still couldn’t find any saddle cream so I have used my initiave (if you want to call it that) and have come up with a BRILLIANT idea – (for those who don’t want to read on due to the disclosure of certain areas just go straight to the photos)

I used elastoplast on either side of ye ol’ potatoes. Don’t laugh – it works – it wont be coming off for a while but it’s working. Don’t ask me about the end result at the moment because I don’t want to know – but no blisters – no saddle soreness – bloody awesome.

Rolling Rolling Rolling – you know the rest………………..



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4 thoughts on “Day 8 – 9 – Hanging in Verona

  1. Russ

    You did the right thing with the American, six years ago I went for a short walk with one and now I can’t get rid or her. So who knows what a ride to Berlin would have led too.
    Oh apparently she thinks I miss you a little bit because I ask her every morning I wonder what Adrian is doing today?

  2. Ron

    Lol.can’t wait to hear how the elastoplast goes taking it off.hehe.

  3. danielle

    Hi Adrian – enjoying your blog. Enjoy your trip 🙂 Alone 🙂 with peace and quiet 🙂 Russ misses you 🙂

  4. Red

    hahahahah nice one guys – I miss russell too – i woke up in a castle in a tent and thought – Damn wish Russ was here 🙂

    elaastoplast still hanging on – it’s changing colour though

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