Day 11 – Vicenza to Venice – 71.5km

3.5 hrs saddle time – I averaged 20kmph today – it was usually 19 – with a headwind too so that was great. Today is the first day that I actually don’t feel sore so I think it’s the beginning (i said beginning) of getting the day to day riding with loaded bike fitness. I had a really good day on the bike today. It was one of those days where you’re riding through little towns and there’s side roads that are mostly going in the one direction and i’m pedalling away with sore legs and ready to be where I want to but then the right song comes on and all of a sudden i start smiling and pedalling faster and actually loving every moment of it. Being in the moment and having no worries about anything and soaking up everything that I can. It was great. Having sad that I think it’s time to give you a 20km breakdown of my days so far…

1st 20 – MEH


2nd 20 – easy peasy


3rd 20 – ok time for some food


4th 20 – ARE WE THERE YET???


5th 20 – I can go forever this is awesome – I have hit second gear


6th 20 – Listen here Mario – My butt is sore, I’m tired, hungry, sweaty and i’ve been going in circles for the last 30 minutes – please can you speak English otherwise i’m going to just screeeeam.

OK the coffee may be an overkill.


I stopped halfway today to get a coffee (of course) and some lunch and then this old man (we’ll call him Mario again) pffft at me and said something like babadeee boobadee latte (milk) babadee boobadee – Apparantly it’s funny  that hardly anyone has coffee with milk here – I can see why because if I could speak Italian I would’ve said – hey – I love short blacks and drink them all the time so shutup…..but i took my soft ass cappuccino and walked out tail between legs (but being tough in my head hahah).

Got to destination and cranked the tent up so fast and packed gear away and had a shower – good campsite too btw. Ground harder then marble but im getting into my thermarest mattress – it’s the bomb. After my shower I was on the first bus to Venice – WOOOT WOOOOOT – it is only a 5 minute bus ride. So as soon as I got in I saw a nice could but bicycle shirts a ride I have done in Melbourne and I stopped for a chat with them – There names are Fred and Barbara from Melbourne. They seemed to be of a retired age (sorry if you’re reading this guys and i’m wrong he he) but we had a great chat – they are riding this bike here and they’ve gone from Germany to Italy – what two bloody legends if you ask me – two thumbs up guys – awesome effort – we shared some great stories and paerted ways.  I haven’t seen any Australians up until now and neither have they but of course Venice would cough up a few being so touristic. Not 5 minutes later I sat down and started hearing the accent again from other Aussies – we got to chatting **insert plug** Ricky and Con who own Inside Furniture at Mile End HomeMakers Centre and live in Athelstone (what the)  were telling me that they caught a river cab (not a gondola) to get to their hotel adn they thought it was the only way of getting there and it was about a 10-15 minute ride and it was about 120AUD – what the – That’s venice I guess isn’t it.

Thanks for the chats guys – keep putting Adelaide (and Australia) on the map. I walked around for about 4 hours and also sat down at the end of the whole ‘island’ and watched the sunset – it was so bloody awesome. It was great because I think where I went was offlimits but somewhow I ended up there with all the locals houses  and no one in sight – not one person. What was also great was as soon as I got off the bus I marked my spot on GPS and this place is a rat race – THANK YOU IPHONE – so good for marking locations – easy peesy to get out


I’m just wrapped to be here on my own horsepower – it’s a great feeling of ummm being alive and healthy (apart from my sore back, knee, broken nose and pale skin) I had to get that in…….

Seeyou tomorrow everyone


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4 thoughts on “Day 11 – Vicenza to Venice – 71.5km

  1. Hayley

    Ahhhh my fave photo from the trip so far is the fanny gloves. I gotta get me some of those 🙂
    Loving every step of your adventure and waking up to reading your blog. SCCCHHHEEEYAAAA xxxxx

  2. Tonnie and mum.

    Hi Adrian, your blog is informative and entertaining we look forwards to it each day. Mum, Jane and I went to AVO today bought lots of Dutch foods and drop. I would rather be trying your kind of food tho it’s very exciting to follow your travels. Weather nice today sunny and no wind but yesterday we just about blew away. Spoke with Nathan today who said hello. Talk to you next time, Mum and Tonnie.

  3. Keena

    Hey the title is Vicenza to Verona? …………..Verona??

  4. Meg

    Loving the pics!! so beautiful

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