Day 12 -13 – 722km in total – Venice to Trieste

Day 12 – 90km

Day 13 – 51km

Hi this is Thor (Adriano’s Bicycle) here. He gave me this name because he thinks I am strong just like the man himself. He thinks I can take a lot of abuse and just keep going without complaining – that is true I am good at that – just don’t ask me where I store my hammer…………. I’m just writing this because he can’t be bothered as he is very tired. He sooked, groaned, sweated, grunted a lot today. We rode from Venice (Mestre) to a town called Palazzolo della Stella today. It started off fine and ticketeeboo but then he started moaning about his back. I was all ready to keep going as he can’t give as good as he takes but I don’t mind – at least we are pedalling. After about 30km he kept on stopping under shade of trees. I think he struggled a little but he kept on pushing. Sometimes he amazes me with the things he does. He tried to abuse me but I can take whatever he gives – I am a strong bicycle and am enjoying being a packhorse for him and we make a good team. After about 50km we stopped for something to eat and I am glad (don’t tell him this) that he parks me in the shade (although I know he really is just trying to protect his food from the sun) but at least I get some respite. Adrian the idiot hadn’t gone to the supermarket yet so we had to buy lunch and I was amazed when he showed me the receipt. 2 coffees (i know sad isn’t he), a big ass sandwich and a donut and the total came to 6.20eur…that is bloody awesome. I did see a smile on his face when he packed away the notes and paid with change. Something is not right with the food prices in Australia and I think that Slovenia and Poland are going to be even cheaper – I know you can’t compare with his wages in another country but just saying.

I can see that Adriano is using his iphone less as guidance. Normally he is using his horsepower to charge his dynamo which in turn charges iphone, camera and ipod and normally the iphone would need to be charged every day but he seems to be getting better at navigating. Today he said to me (me or out loud to no one because he is nigel no friends) – that he is using the street /highway numbers to follow derrr he said to himself – of course. And he is also using mountains and lakes as a point of reference – he is learning.

He went to the toilet today (one of many stop **sighs**) and came back complaining that his legs were sore. I hear him mumble that why are there so many stand up toilets. How can one expect to squat for so long with sore legs . In my opinion I agree although i don’t have legs. How does one expect to use their driver muscles so long after a good days ride…Once you started you can’t just get up again cos we all know what would happen dont we – I chuckled to this also. When Adriano was planning his day he thought about the campsites along the way but they were 40km (2 hours) out of his track so he thought he’s see how he felt during the day. It was hot today (35c) and he was groaning when all of a sudden 3 crazy/loud Germans came thundering through on their bikes screaming all sorts of stuff – it was then we went though (as we found out later) 25km of a traffic jam – all to go the beach – jam packed like sardines – no AC in the cars – STUFF THAT….. Adriano was happy because he asked if he could tag along with them and they didn’t seem to mind – I didn’t either because I would hate three German teenagers to overtake me – I am Thor and no-one overtakes me. We spent the next 25km zipping through cars and enjoying the fact that we could fly past them all and get to the next town before half of the cars.. Being Thor and all – I did compare myself to what the Germans were riding and clearly I was superior but was happy to sit on the back wheel of them at 38kmph which was tough but we made it to the next town. We said good bye to the crazy germans and rested for a while. We were close to destination and decided not to deviate as it would be too long to ride and just kept on riding until we found a good place to setup house for the night. I looked at my speedo and though – geez Adriano it’s time to setup camp – so we found a spot just outside of town along a lake and hidden in the bushes. Adriano was soft and just setup the tent with no pegs and no fly – sent a few msgs and went straight to bed – he was stuffed – at least he secured me for the night which was good. It is so hot here (not as dry as Australia) but still hot – it’s been over 32 every day since start of tour – Every night there is no wind to cool you down and he is literally sweating bucket loads every day – I think he actually drank about 9 litres of water. Adriano is always sweating, spitting and moaning as I know being a red head (i like to laugh at hims for that) he burns quickly he he – what a ginger ninja is.


Day 13 – The day started early as he didn’t want anybody to see him so he packed up and rode an hour into town. He was complaining AGAIN that he was hungry but why didn’t he just put his hand into my bag **laughs at metaphor** and grab some food that he purchased – he must’ve been over it a bit I think – so a sandwich and coffee later and he was off.  Adriano stopped again today – many times – actually every 10 kilomters (30 mins). I think his back was starting to hurt so he decided to make this a short day. I am glad he did also but I won’t tell him that. We were 17km from Trieste (original destination) but saw a campsite at 51km’s  – a thought of a shower popped through his head I know it because he rode straight in. 25eur WTF – it is a touristic beach area though but he thought what the hell. It is kind of loud and packed but he knows thathigh season is almost finished and most tourist won’t go to Slovenia anyway – I tend to agree to that. Tomorrow will be SLOVENIA WOOOT WOOOOT – I can’t believe that Adriano has made it – I am proud of him.

Adriano told me to upload a summary he put in Microsoft word to give to  you of what he thought of Italy (well the Lombardy region anyway)

Coffee so good he’d drink it though his bicycle shorts after a hard day’s ride (and it’d still hover around the 10/10 mark, Home of fashion, small people (and small dogs), Great Cafe’s, Shit stale bread, Beautiful people, REAKS of awesome culture, lovely landscapes, Shit roads, Courteous drivers towards cyclists, cornfields anywhere there is an open space in the open road, giving people, accepting of tourists, Late meals with families out on balconies, Food is important to them, Families cycle everywhere as a way of transport  even the ol mama mia’s – did i mention AWESOME COFFEE………..Now im stuck cabled to a tree whilst Adriano is overlooking the mountain he climbed today to get to this campsite – right at the ocean – idiot!!!!


Seeya Italy – thanks for the memories


Onto Slovenia Tomorrow. Thanks for following – schheeeeya!!!

Last two days tracking


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3 thoughts on “Day 12 -13 – 722km in total – Venice to Trieste

  1. Stijn

    Very funny blogpost right here, you’ve got a very entertaning style of writing. I’m a colleague of you’re cousin Ferry who told me about this trip, awesome stuff!! Enjoy the rest and let’s hope your back will stay intact. Btw lose the GPS and use some local maps, that’s the proper way of cycling abroad 😉

  2. Meg


  3. Thanks Stijn – I am learning along the way to just read the map and the gps is the confirmation so to speak – thanks for reading and hope to see you when I catch up with Ferry

    Thanks for reading megsta – stay tuned for the next episode hehehe

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