Day 14 – Near Trieste to Razdrto SLOVENIA!!!

60km today – a slow 60 but we got there…avg of 12kmph(ish)

3.5 hours of climbing to get from my last campsite to where I am today – SLOVENIA   what the …and only 20 minutes of descending  To be honest it was probably the hardest mental day on the bike for me ever. I have done more km than this before in one day but mentally – it was a struggle to be honest. The hill to where I am today just didn’t quit and my back was sore. But after about the second hour of climbing – i got into this sick state of mind that said – stuff you back – i’m doing this whether you like it or not and all the heat and sweat and pain just wouldn’t stop me – it was like a challenge to get to campsite.  A lot of insecurities past me through me on those climbs as it was the first day that my back gave me grief. I thought – maybe I’ll catch a train from Slovenia to flat lands and then go from there – so on and so forth but no – something inside me kept on pedalling. I did 60km’s today and most of that was uphill and much more of a hill than anything i’ve pedalled before in Adelaide. It was crazy – not like the tour de france alps crazy but more like relentless slow uphill crazy and I haven’t even scratched the surface of Slovenia that’s the scary part. As I said my back was giving me grief but when I got into the swing of things it was starting to loosen up and my confidence built a little. After leaving the town of Venice and a bit beyond I started my descend into Trieste – After Trieste started the climb – 3.5 hours of climbing today and about 20 minutes of AWESOME descending .  it was hard but when I hit Slovenia I was filled with relief that I had made it this far. I was happy to come onto the next challenge and that be SLOVENIA. Do you think i’m  just going to give up on the first hard day I get **bends backwards and bellows in English voice** NOT BLOODY LIKELEEEEHH!!!!!  – a double layered vanilla slice for lunch will always make a person happy HELL YEAH!!

Double layered vanilla slice would make anyone happy

I had just learn survival Italian and now it’s all changed again. At least with Italian you just add an O, I, A at the end and you’re around the mark but not in Slovenia it’s all z’s and ch’s hahaha.

Thought for the day

As i’m in my third hour of climbing and every pedal stroke wants to force me back, I push on and the headwind as delightful as it is, it’s unwanted. The occasional truck fly’s past and woooshes me along for 4 brief but welcomed seconds. I enter the 29th switchback and say quietly – is that all you got Slovenia……BRING IT ON!!!


Ok so I ii m in 50th km and thinking of camp as I am tired by this point – I looked at this place and it was closed down – onto the next town and I said to myself that on the map it said that there was a hostel here – it was CORRECT and I was a happy man – upon enquiring they said – it’s 11euros for camping or 16 euros per night for a room (it’s 2×2 but hey it’s a bed and shower) and free internet. I WAS LIKE HELLLLLLYEAH SISTER WHERE DO I SIGN. I can’t believe that I paid 30 euro for a campsite woith elec and even more for internet when in Slovenia just up the road I pay 16 euro, i get 100% better views, free internet, a bedroom, gym next door, breakfast, a swimming pool – what the – anyway – so i’m in this rustic old village from the roman times, 100 people live here, lovely old buildings, mountains as a back drop, a stein of beer ( a litre) is like 2.20 (I drank two upon arrival and many more after ahahah) and it’s a lovely little place – I am in travellers heaven to be honest – what was my hardest day riding has turned out to be a travellers (or my) dream ending – such great extents of differences – what a day. A couple of days rest and research on the horizon – AWESOME….I ended up talking to 4 lovely enlgish people who are caravanning around europe for a few weeks and we ended up talking about everything and some over a few beers, it was great – they were lovely people – onto tomorrow peeps,.,……

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4 thoughts on “Day 14 – Near Trieste to Razdrto SLOVENIA!!!

  1. Keena

    love it! love it! love it!

  2. Karin

    You conquered xxxxx great photos xxx

  3. Tonnie and mum.

    Hi Adrian, Mum and I are also on holidays to Normanville Ha HA. Love your blog. Mum made sauerkraut and boerekool a lovely winter meal. Mum’s feeling good but is tired quickly. Having some lovely sunny days but cool. Mastered I tunes to some extend and started burning DVD’s after learning it again.and now Mum thinks I can do everything on the computer. I think I rather work on my 1950’s electro mechanical calculator.. Well that’s it for now, save travels love Mum and Tonnie

  4. JB

    Going back, re-reading the entries I initially speed read.

    “3.5 hours of climbing today…” Damn man, you are incredible. And in to a headwind!

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