Day 15 – Rest in Razdrto

Not much happened today but I have some photos for you oh yes I do.

I spent a lot looking for campsites and routes on the internet, soaking up the beautiful scenery, watching a movie or two and reading a bit of my book. It was great.

I have kind of decided something – As often as I can I have found myself engulfed into my computer searching for campsites and routes etc and there are so many websites and links etc etc and it’s so easy to read reviews till the cows come home. I am not going to do that anymore – This place I am at doesn’t show up in any google or hostel/hotel website and it’s a GEM!! – I think as long as I organise my supplies (food/water etc) ok and make sure i’m hydrated and fed – the rest doesn’t matter. I am looking at my paper map on my handlebar bag for nice towns to go through and the roads i’ll need for the up and coming days and my gps to guide me roughly through the bigger cities that are harder to navigate through. I still will look at nice camping places and hostels but not rely on it so much. It feels as though i’m wasting so much time doing that and it is kind of sitting in the back of my mind to get to that town because that’s the only place I know – so anyway – that’s the thought at the moment – see how it develops. I like blogging though – it’s a nice diary for myself and something to look forward to and nice for people to read who are interested – interested in reading me blabber on about coffee.

Speaking of coffee – first one in Slovenia – **shape up or ship out Slovvy – poor form** 4/10 – I can’t complain though – it’s the bomb here so i’ll let them off this time.

I’ll stay here tonight and tomorrow night. I want to climb that mountain you saw in my photos tomorrow morning. I went for a bit of walk and saw a cattle track leading up to it so lets see how we go.

Seeya then everyone.

italy wrong

From yesterday – PINK AND ORANGE STARS – Cmon Man!!!


Good Slovenian beer – get onto it – LASKO!!


The little gem of a town (used to be a Roman gateway to the alps)

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4 thoughts on “Day 15 – Rest in Razdrto

  1. ferry

    haha , that speedo is pretty much normal i think for them . good to see and hear that slovenia is so suprisingly nice . coffee wise , yr trip goes from heaven to hell , italy got great coffee , but you wait until you drink the coffee in germany haha , i think the coffee they got is that bad , that it could be the number 1 reason that they lost the war hehe . stay safe man

  2. Keena

    ummmm. you said you had lots of pics? **taps foot**

    I am just wondering what you would have looked like taking a photo of that man in his speedo’s…. pervert!


  3. Meg

    that’s what I was thinking Keena!!! bahahha not sure who is weirder bahaha

  4. Tonnie and mum.

    What severe criticism about a photo! It looks like the man lost his own trunks and borrowed someone else speedo’s. I wonder what comment you would have got if it was a woman who did that????
    It was nice to talk to you last night on Skype, tonight Skype is terrible to use must be the bad weather coming our way from the West. Had a nice day here in Normanville Ann and Gerard visited today for Lunch. The athletes parade was cancelled in Adelaide for tomorrow due to the poor weather forecast.
    Mum said you made her night when you Skyped and passes on her usual love and keep save.
    Mum and Tonnie.

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