Day 17 – Razdrto to Ljubljana – 88km’s


Saddle time 5hrs

Avg – 17.something (which I was happy with because in the morning it was 10kmph due to the hills haha)

Today was probably the best day I have had in the cycling sense. It has been a day of undulating hills, winding roads, beautiful mountains, perfect lunch and break stops at the perfect time in the perfect spots. Benches in the shade, lots of shade to ride in it was fantastic. It was a hard five hours but I enjoyed every moment of it. Things just clicked today. I was navigating on the fly using my handlebar map and instead of taking secondary roads and I took all the side streets that lead to where I want to go and boy was I rewarded. I think it is possible because I have found a gold mine of a cycling heaving and that is Slovenia. For any cycling enthusiasts – this is the place to be – it’s well signed – lots of cycling signs, great roads and even better scenery. My body felt strong today – my legs just kept on going through the hills – don’t get me wrong – I do take a lot of breaks in the day (sometimes too much but i like to take my time and soak it all up and watch the world go by) and I had to push my bike for one of those hours up a big hill – it was a massive hill and probably about 12-13% gradient but that’s ok. I got to the top and it was finalised with a 15 minute descend hitting a top speed of 70 hahaha – lots of fun with a loaded bike. Don’t get me wrong – these are no alps but enough of them in a day is enough to work up a thirst for some Lasko Beer with sore legs:-)

My mapping skills, breaks, legs, everything just worked well today – it was a good cycling day with beautiful towns to go through – the photos I have at the bottom just don’t do it justice as I was enjoying the scenery too much and not taking enough photos. I didn’t even take any photos of the big climbs or anything DAMN IT!!. I ended up in a shitty caravan park again – busy, dogs and motorhomes galooore – music blaring but I won’t complain – i had the best day. I was thinking that I don’t want to cycle through Slovenia so quickly so I will stay one day to look around Ljubljana and see some sights then head off the day after. I am loving this country.

Check out the photo of Predjama Castle – crazy!! – Apparently it’s from 1274 – how did they do that back then – I am stunned people – STUNNED! it’s like something from Harry Potter.

Thought for the day

I’m in cycling heaven. Undulating hills, scenery to die for, Alicia Keys in the earbuds and as I wind my way out of the mountains at 70kmph, I turn the corner to see the sun on the Slovenian alps and eagles hovering against the wind searching for food – goosebumps appear on my arms from the excitement of it all – SWEEEEET.

My Path Today




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2 thoughts on “Day 17 – Razdrto to Ljubljana – 88km’s

  1. Awesome .. other than the Alicia Keys part 😛

    You should have stopped at or at least gone through the town called “Bloke” (centre of the map right of A and B) if you are listening to Alicia Keys!

  2. Malcolm and Jean

    Hi Aidie – you seem to have your bloggs down to a fine art form now – headings, maps, slideshows etc. The trip sounds GREAT so far – I hope it stays that way for you . Does it seem like three weeks since you started or is the time zippimg by

    The bloggs make great reading – sounds like your health and bike are doing the right thing by you.(although Thor seemed a bit argumentative with his blogg the other day – I would have a would with him if I was you). I see many others are reading your bloggs as well so you have many doing tthis trip with you

    Continue to enjoy your trip Aidie – sing out if there is anything you want done from this end – very happy to help.

    Stay safe, come home safe –

    Malcolm and Jean

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