Day 18 – Being a Tourist in Ljubljana

Well today I was a tourist in the town of Ljubjlana – I could cycle through this Country in two days but why waste such a beautiful  experience. The people are friendly, cycling roads EVERYWHERE (There are cycle lanes all over the city and leading to and from the city). I am 10km from city and there is a cycle path on the footpath the whole way into – really great to see. Leaves the cars to not get interrupted and the cyclists ride hassle free. I also took a short cable car ride to see the whole of Ljubljana and then rode to a WW1 war museum – it was a jam packed day – gotta make the most of it huh?

Anyway so today was spent doing a free 2.5 hour city tour with a guide who was great and explained so much around the city – I gave a donation at the end don’t worry – I may be Dutch but i’m not that tight. I won’t bore you with the facts and figures – just a couple stupid things that I laughed at.

Apparently milk dispensers are big in Slovenia now (see photo) – you pay a certain amount of money and out comes the milk. It is straight from the cow from farmers in the district and unpasteurised and I wasn’t game to try it because she said it does contain bacteria. Not that i’m soft but drinking weird things in a different country…I don’t fancy being sick and cycling 5 hours.

Anyway – onto the next thing – the padlocks you see in the photo is a form of a symbol of love – it formalises the bond between two people when they get married – I put one on but I am smart……I put one on with a combination lock….think about it hehehehe.

The war museum was great – I learned a lot about WW1 and Slovenia’s (or yugoslavia’s) involvement – I didn’t take any pictures though – don’t know why – it didn’t feel right  I think.

Tomorrow I chose to follow a dedicated bike route through little towns and off secondary roads but hills – that’s a first for me  (on purpose anyway) wish me luck – good night/morning.

Thought for the day

My Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires – from last three tours have done almost three thousand Km’s and I have received my first puncture yesterday – damn roads with sharp limestone rocks on them -ruined my record

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3 thoughts on “Day 18 – Being a Tourist in Ljubljana

  1. Malcolm

    Hi Aidie – sounds like you had a great day of just doin’ nothin but taking in the sights and sounds of sounds like a great place.

    So why are the padlocks attached to a bridge ????

  2. Tonnie and mum.

    Hi Adrian, love the pictures and the history lesson to go with it. Keep enjoying your trip and keep save. Mum and Tonnie.

  3. Stijn

    Schwalbe Marathon Plus are the f-in nuts indeed, shame to see you puncture one. Seems like a good place to cycle through this Slovenia you’re talking about :P. Keep enjoying!

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