Day 25 – Rest Day (I thought) in Vienna

Km’s – 20

Saddle Time – Who Cares

Avg – Whatever

Why did I do 20km today you ask – well i’ll tell you – 9am came around and I did have a bit of a late one (drinking with a few hungarian’s would do that to you) and lets just say I had about 4hours sleep and then a lady came by and said I had to leave. Ummmmmmmmm WHY…highseason has finished and the campground is closing. Ahhh this is travelling in style Red…It’s raining, i just organised all my stuff and now you’re telling me I have to pack everything up (that is wet) and ride 20km to another campground. I tried to persuade them by telling them how far I cycled and tried a few other things but nothing worked – ok time to go..I was not a happy chappy – so in the rain I go – peak hour traffic in the heart of Vienna – ahh someone remind me why am I doing this again ha ha ha.

Couldn’t find campsite due to poor signing and almost caved in to a hostel but alas I found the campsite. Ahhh it’s closed until 6pm (what the)  and no where to sit…ok it’s raining still – time to setup tent…..I went all Bear Grylls up in this sh!t and got my tarp and made myself a shelter, it even tilts slighlty so the rain rolls off the back **smirks** I found some string and tied from tree to fence and then setup my tarp – it was happening and I was in a zone. A few people stopped and looked because I had to climb a lil ol hill to tie stuff to fence but it worked and I found a chair and i’m sitting in it and it’s raining and i’m here and they are in there tent MUAHAHA **freezes potatoes off**…probably warmer than I but HEY I made this thing – now I gotta use it hahaha. It is helpful though as when I exit the tent I don’t get wet and cant sort my things out..SWEEET. All that rig-moral took until lunch time DAMN IT.

Spent the day washing clothes (first time in almost a month ) and doing some research for sightseeing tomorrow – I plan to do 4 things – i’ll update that later and lets see how that pans out in the rain out in the elements (with my laptop, phone, camera and gadgets haha). I hunted like a nomad for a power outlet to charge laptop and found one YESSS now everyone is looking at me wanting to use it – PISS OFF – I’m bear grylls – didn’t you know.

PS – Merino wool clothing is DA BOMB – it’s too warm yet but colder days are coming I know

Pretty uneventful day – you get that. Hope all is well on your side

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