Day 32 – Rest day in Ostrava CZ

Day 32 – Resting in Ostrava CZ

Man it was a great feeling to sleep in – Just one day rest and I feel like my battery is back in the top 75 percentile (can never be perfect huh?)

I did a little research and plan to go to Auschwitz tomorrow and spend a whole day there the day after and then go to Krakow and hopefully meet a friend that I met in Italy for a meal and drink (or two). I’ll wander the streets the next day looking at the old part of Krakow and also Oskar Schindler’s factory (from the movie) – well that’s the plan anyway

I walked around some local parts outside of town today for a few hours and got some shopping for the up and coming days  (it was a little bit ghetto’ish) but I still kick myself that I am here doing this on my own steam (with great support from friends and family back home of course – that always helps more than you know). It was great walking around the neighbourhood and seeing how people tick around here.

I plan to watch the Crows (Local Australian Football club) on the internet tomorrow before I check out – that HAS to be my highlight of the day (thanks Stafford).

I also was reading some of my posts back and thought  – hmmm wonder if it looks like I am writing more of the positive and just brushing over the negatives and not really saying what I am thinking.  ‘I am just for the road maaaaaaaaaaaan’ and perhaps that may come across like that but to be honest – It was REALLY hard work saving up and organising this trip back home and I have been run over the coals so to speak to actually get here and realising all the hard work makes the hard days so much easier. I mean how lucky am I to be doing this? I think it’s a bit like life in general – I like talking about the bad days/times and working out how to make that situation better for next time but not to dwell on them and focus on the positive and how many great things I am seeing and what I am actually doing here – keep a positive attitude and that is the key I think – it’s all about attitude. It really is amazing and sometimes I am on the bike and a massive smile comes to my face (even on the hard days) and in the midst of all the organising, rain, headwinds, hills, finding accommodation, rain, language barrier bla bla bla – I keep that smile **convinces self** he he

Ok – enough of the deep talk

I see a lot of hitchhikers in the countries I have been to. From teenagers to old men that look 80 and just want to get to the next Village. I think like Jaws did for swimming…Wolf Creek has put a stop to that in Australia ha ha. For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about…download…I mean buy the original of the movie Wolf Creek – spine tingling stuff.

Lets all put our hands together and pray for Redman having a lovely day on the bike – stuff that………….actually – just wish me the best – that’ll do.

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2 thoughts on “Day 32 – Rest day in Ostrava CZ

  1. Lorraine

    Loving the read buddy keep it coming it is great to hear the good bits and the tough bits, this is an experience that most will never do for that you have to keep smiling 😉

  2. Tanya

    So funny about Wolf Creek bwahhaaahahaha! Although that’s the first thing that sprung to mind when you stayed at a strangers house back in Italy LOL…
    Your positive attitude is truly inspiring Ade! I’m looking forward to the hearing about Auschwitz… and your reaction to the Crows of course!!

    Keep on rolling!

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