Day 36 – Riding around Krakow and being a tourist

Day 36 – Riding around Krakow

Today started going to a bicycle shop to try to fix a little niggle I had in my pedals – when you do so many k’s on a bike and you get familiar with it you notice the little things. My shoes/or pedal is clicking a little with each pedal stroke – I thought it was the bearings in my pedal (which I still do think that) but the bike mechanic thinks it was the cleats. If I was at home i’d pull the pedal apart and regrease and re bearing it BUT theres a few tools I don’t have and I couldn’t convey that message to him – I didn’t want to undermine his 38 years of bicycle experience but I was right hah – it wasn’t the cleats!. I think I’ll just put up with it or maybe get some new ones on internet and send to my cuz over there – see how much they are first. At least I have spare cleats now – that’s a good thing.

Anyway off to the Schindler’s factory after that. It was really interesting. The museum is only 2 years old so it was a really tech savvy and a theatrical walk through of displaying Krakow under Nazi Occupation between the years of 39-45 and each room was a ‘stage’ of that.. The framework of the whole thing was really well designed. They had special designers for the artistic layout, stage designers and theatrical directors – they did a really good job. It goes in stages from the nazi take over of Krakow and blends in with Oscar Schindlers factory and you walk through the whole factory that’s been decorated with great audio and visual presentations and pieces of his factory and articles from the survivors. It really makes you feel like you were there. From speeches from the Nazis over the loudspeaker telling the people to evacuate to documentaries and a whole show of interesting memorabilia presented in a very artistic way to  sounds from army’s marching and ordering the Jews out and city noises – a story well told.

I ended up in my hostel after and cooked some food whilst preparing for the next couple days looking at my maps and getting ready to go out and meet Martino – can’t wait for that – I would put Krakow on the list to revisit or to anyone to experience it as a matter of fact and just walk around, soak it up, visit the oild and new parts, eat at a few places, get some advice from locals, but don’t cycle hehe.

Random Pic from brochure in Hostel

One adult for the Commy tour please ha ha – weird




















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2 thoughts on “Day 36 – Riding around Krakow and being a tourist

  1. Malcolm and Jean

    Very interesting Aidie

  2. Herman & Aafke Veenstra

    Best Adrian!! This morning we have a piece of your travel report read o. a, of course, the piece of Auschwitz. Very impressive all! We are pleased that the warm bite when has tasted good! If you/you guys ever even close! Then you are welcome! We wish your and your wife good luck & health for the new year! Love Herman & Aafke Veenstra (Triemen/Holland)

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