Day 46 – Wolfenbuttel to Hameln (Germany)

Day 46 Wolfenbuttel to Hameln

KM – 111.3

Avg – 16.6

Saddle Time – 6:40

Hmmmwhere do I start for today. It was fresh in the morning that’s for sure – my crappy little thermometer got waterlogged and doesn’t work  damn it but I thik it would’ve been around 2-3 on the river this morning. It was hard getting up but I said I would so I did – my sleeping bag with all my thermals on a sleeping bag liner to boot is really warm and it was hard getting up – I had to jog around a bit to warm up before doing anything. That said it was a really nice morning – I do like cold weather but not at 6am J. I did get to see the sunrise above a church and watch deers (we’ll call them that because that’s what they looked like) jump around in the misty forest that was pretty cool. I packed up and headed off and shivered for the first 30 minutes but after about an hour I was all good. I did have a hankering for a coffee to kick start me though. I hit the first town after an hour and half and I could smell the bakery before I even saw it – I let my sun dial guide me and I found it. I sat right next to the bread oven hoffing a freshly baked roll and a coffee – after that I was all good to go and churned out a decent fiddy k (bout 2.5 hrs) before stopping to eat again.

I do like camping wild but there is always that mysterious noise or light that gets you going sometimes. I don’t think I could go fully wild and camnp like that every night that’s for sure – I like mixing it up and not too much of any type of accomm. Hostels can be a pain. But I am liking the camping thing on nice quiet camp grounds and sitting alone and just reflecting on the day. More often or not I can be cooking my meal and have my tent setup before a hostel check in, all panniers off, hall them up 4 flights of stairs, get all my gear out, lock everything up blab la bla…but like I said – it’s good mixing it up.

So far Germany has been the worst regarding finding wireless access – I know it’s shocking – I am an addict to the internet and even on this minimal survival equipment holiday ha ha. Strange though – Slovenia and Czech had way more spots and almost all for free.

Moving on – everything was ticking along ok and then I started to feel a niggle in my right hammy. I wanted to get to this hostel I called ahead for a few days ago because they said they have wifi and I REALLY want to watch the Crows play so I was all excited. I had two hours to go and my hammy was getting soreer. I really think it was pedalling too many k’s in succession into strong headwinds – it’s pretty bad headwinds – sometimes going slower than climbing hills. SO I pretty much limped it in and nursed it for two hours soft pedalling and finally made it to the hostel. Only to realise I lost my good rain jacket somewhere along the way. I made sure I secured it but it must of rattled off the back somewhere. Don’t know why but that really annoyed me. Now I have to search one out somewhere. Then after check in the guy at check in said his internet tech support isn’t answering and it’s down nooooooooooooooooooo. I just pedalled like 3 hours more than I anted to today and nursed my hammy for two of those and you’re telling what Mr Grueber?

That’s how travelling goes sometimes on this trip – everything is ticketyboo and you’re on this high and then two or three things in a row happen that’s not your liking and you need to take deep breaths let me tell you. Especially when you’re sore, tired, hungry and have been riding for 5,6,7 hours in the day (and night)

Sometimes when a few bad things like that happen in succession you start missing home a little – but harden up Red…Bloody hell. It’s just things – I just hope my hammy gets better. I will rest it with a day off tomorrow and see how it feels. I only have 250km to go until I hit my cous’ place in The Netherlands and I am really looking forward to that and a break of a week or so and a good rest and reset ready to tackle Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

Only a few morning photos today – I was in that mode today where you just crank the pedals, look around and keep going with nothing noteworthy to mention apart from my babbly that I need to release to ya’ll to sooth my other personality. You know – Some people think I have a split personality but I don’t think I do…I did get that checked out and we are ok now.


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One thought on “Day 46 – Wolfenbuttel to Hameln (Germany)

  1. Robyn

    Was looking for an update & found it. Keep going bud – not long now, you’re doing a great job.

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