Day 47 – Resting Hammy in Hameln (Home of Pied Piper)

Day 47 – Resting Hammy in Hameln (Home of Pied Piper)

I didn’t even know I was in Hameln Pied Piper origination until my cousin pulled a joke out and I went ooooohhh yeah Hameln – Hamelin hahahaha – so many rat tourism things – should’ve known


Well I am resting today and will lessen the k’s until I get to Holland which I intend to take about 8-10 days off and really rest the body – it’s feeling VERY fit and i’m powering up those hills now but I feel my hammy needs some tender loving care and i’ll listen to that – so I’ll keep the k’s to 50 until NL and soft pedal a lot UNLESS it’s feeling great and it’s just a small thing but I won’t know till I hit the road. What I wanted to talk about though was my last night and today. I need to vent this electronically because it needs sharing so I can get to the next stage of anger he he.

Events of mishaps in no particular order and this is brief too – I could go on forever but I won’t bore you…this deserves bullet points.

  • Last night – pedalled 3 hours extra to get to a youth hostel as they said they have good wireless (So I can watch the crows). Got to hostel and he said oh sorry – it’s not working – ok no probs **grinds teeth**
  • Lost my good rain jacket that fell off back of bike that had my spare ventolin in it
  • Ripped my good winter gloves in spokes
  • Insert next day – searched for internet cafe – needle in a haystack and info office wrote wrong street down and I was walking around for an hour looking for it – eventually found it to watch the last quarter and watch them lose – so bummed about that – they brought it to them though – at least I got to skype my best mates and my wife – that was a real (and the only) brightener of the day
  • Ok time to search for new rain jacket and gloves – walked to three outdoor shops and eventually found what I needed and re purchased said items
  • Ok ventolin time – I already had a letter from my doctor explaining exactly what I needed just in case something like this happens but this task ended up being a challenge – a French alps of cycling challenge that I couldn’t let go and had to win. It started off easy but I never thought it would be so hard to get one ventolin inhaler. I asked the chemist and he said you need to go to that docs – ok no probs – I do that and they are closed (it’s Saturday of course) So I find a hotspot and look for a doctor that is open – I walk there and they said they can’t help me because I don’t have German insurance (but i do have travellers insurance). So I walk to two more doctors and one was closed and the other opens at 3pm (What the?). Ok  – so I wait till 3pm and wait and wait – then the receptionist puts a sign up saying – sorry – doctor not returning……….OMG. Ok I wasn’t giving up – so I ask the receptionist if theres any other way – yes just go to the hospital and there is a doctor for those things…….so I walk to hospital and wait two hours (mind you I need this inhaler as one is almost empty and the spare is gone and I never thought it would be this hard to just buy one) – the nurse comes out and says she can’t help me…..I think my heart rate was up now so they should check me in. I told them my story and I just needed one inhaler bla bla but she insisted that German rules state that you can’t unless you have German insurance…..I did persist mind you and I ended up getting one but I had to give them my passport, letter from doc, travel insurance number, get my heart rate and pressure checked and three doctors sat around talking for 10 minutes about which type to give me – I know hospitals have rules and I would never complain about waiting because there was some heart attacks n stuff there so I understand their position but this was overkill. Anyway SIX HOURS have passed now and I finally got that little piece of paper – that piece of GOLD IN MY HANDS and I was smiling – I walked to Chemist and finally received it – YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! This was like something that once I sunk my teeth into – I couldn’t let go. They did say my blood pressure was a little high and maybe that it could be because of the day I explained to them that I had – DO YA THINK????

So I found a nice coffee shop and I am recovering now – with a drip – and coffee straight to my veins.

I will reset myself tomorrow and start with a new attitude because I am feeling a bit bummed with travelling today. I’ll get back into it no problems – thanks for reading and laughing at me


PS – no bakery I have been to yet in Europe has rivalled an Aussie bakery (Especially in Barmera) – the cakes are either dry, has bugs on it, or no flavour – I have high expectations of France so the pressure is on…….BREAKING NEWS JUST – My cous from Netherlands is keen on meting up early so he’s off right now on his R1 and we are gonna have a drinkypoo tonight – WOOT WOOT – that’s gonna make my day totally…it’s only 250km for him and a couple hours and a few days riding for me hahaha


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3 thoughts on “Day 47 – Resting Hammy in Hameln (Home of Pied Piper)

  1. travis

    yo red beardo man! thanx for the pain and misery stories! youre right, it is good for a laugh! and people keep telling me that travelling is fun? im never leaving my shed again. mind you i did feel pretty pissed off bout those german doctors, made me wanna crack some heads on your behalf – those swine!
    keep pushin red, i imagine that all too soon you will be back and gloating about your experiences!
    oh, and gorgeous photos btw, god-speed and …… GO the HAWKS!

  2. seza

    BEARD!!! Looks awesome Red man, can’t read the essays right now tho…
    Keep safe legend

  3. Štefan Matjaž

    just to say hi and wish good luck!!!

    Don’t stop!!!

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