Day 63 (Sick) – Day 64 – Emst to Linden – 77km

Day 63 – Sick as a dog in Emst NL.

I decided on leaving about a day ago but the flu really got the better of me. It’s been a while since i’ve been this sick with the hot n cold chills and I think I gave it to my cousin also **insert cheeky laugh**. I spent the whole day basically doing nothing and just resting. Resting = coffee, couch, talking, coffee, gaming, coffee, talking and going to bed late – perfect recipe for a recovery.

Day 64 – Emst to Linden (NL)

KM – 77.7

Avg – 19.4

Saddle Time – 3:59

Today was probably one of the mentally hardest days i’ve had so far in regards to just leaving the little towns of Emst. I have had such a great time with my cousin and just relaxing and talking crap and also visiting some great family members of mine and getting to know them a little better and just relaxing and unwinding.  It’s been about two weeks but i almost forgot how to tour – that’s what it feels like anyway. Really really hard to say goodbye but the pedals must keep cranking. That it did today and that’s about all to be honest. I was just reflecting on the events of the past fortnight and missing it already.  I wasn’t really into it today and just kept pedalling and reached my destiantin and cooked dinner and started on my blog. Pretty uneventful – i did find a campsite so that’s a bonus. A contributor  to my mental state is that i feel my hamstring being a bit twitchy and tightening up a little still which is a real bummer. I adjusted my clipons underneath my shoes and that seemed to help a little but perhaps it’s too late – well that’s what i’m thinking at this point anyway – two weeks rest and I still feel it – I don’t think riding more will help it. I’ll just take each day as it comes. Bit of a bummer as I said as I really planned to go to do some alps and really do the hard yards in touring as I was feeling great. We will see though – i’m not totally ruling it out but just have a hunch.

I don’t have  much photos but they are  important ones – I have decked out my bike in aussie pride stuff…a flag and two stickers – plus an NL one for family pride and memories. – ahhh now no one has to ask me if i’m American or English – although someone did guess New Zealand today – CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR.

Any dutch person that asks me if I like Holland I say HELL YEAH and the response is always . ‘HUH!’. Not just because of family and friends but this place is really nice to cycle in and take in thousands of years of culture. I know every country here has culture but so does this place. The old towns, the bicycles everywhere, the friendly people, the canals, the awesome bicycle network, the forests, the farms – there is so much to cycle through and enjoy whilst staying off roads. It’s nice here.

I’m back on the streets and back to sweating it out all day – back to random people approaching me wanting to have a chat, back to coffee shops, back to cold nights, back to experiencing the worlds gifts slowly on two wheels, back to getting motivated again – let’s hope the hammy stays strong and we can all share my weird and random stories for a little longer.

Thanks for tuning in again and I hope that you’re all reading this in good health and high spirits.




Today’s Route


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4 thoughts on “Day 63 (Sick) – Day 64 – Emst to Linden – 77km

  1. Malcolm

    “He’s back” – so back on the old Thor again hey – tentatives steps by the sound of it – its a bit like doing a hard gym session, then recovering, then trying to get up and get going again – a bit painfull sometimes – You will get back into the swing of this pretty soon – I hear there is a loose plan to see if maybe you can catch the Mossop’s as they float down the river – don’t bust your boiler to do it, look after your own health first but if it happens then great

    Good luck, enjoy, stay safe


  2. Keena

    Is that beard weighing u down!

  3. Karin

    Love the beard Grizzly. Xxx hope you don’t shave until I see you again!

  4. ferry

    keena , i saw he stores food in the beard , not my style , but i guess it works when yr cyclin all day ))

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