Day 71 – Hanging in Metz (France)

Day 71 – Hanging in Metz

Well not really in Metz – on the outskirts in a Formula 1 hotel which is more like being in a big caravan really but it’s cheap ($38aud incl breakky pn) which is almost what I paid in a campsite in peak season and I get internet, a bed, tv, shower bla bla). I spent the day almost totally in the room relaxing and researching. I was trying to organise my bike to be shipped to Australia whilst I travel off and meet my wife in South America. Trying to get phone numbers and ring around from France to Italy whilst being an Australian was hard going let me tell you. I really didn’t get far and today felt like a waste to be honest but I sort of have a plan so it wasn’t totally a waste

I plan on cycling for about 8-10 more days and then my cous (If he can take time off) will pick me up and we’ll cause some havoc in the alps together and then i’ll strip my bike and do a climb or two there and we can do some other stuff also. Sounds like an awesome ending to the Vanderpants Eurotour if you ask me – If my awesome legend of a cousin can’t come then the plan still remains the same but without the good company and a car.

So i’m stuck in an F1 hotel and the resting was so great but I am itching to get out on the bike tomorrow. The weather is look FAN bloody TASTIC for the coming week and i’m looking forward to a few climbs before i train/car it to the alps. When I hit the alps – I plan to strip my bike and look at a Tour de France climb or two and some hiking perhaps – what an experience. The weather has been cold and raining for days on end and it doesn’t matter what mental state you choose (I say choose as it is a choice) it still gets to you so sun for the next few days are very welcomed.

The only thing is that after reading all Lance Armstrong’s books and watching all the docos I am aware of the French hate for him – The thing is that I have his bike shorts on – hmmmmmmm – might need a good strong dark texta hah!

I haven’t got much of a plan for the next week or so apart from a few climbs I want to do and a general direction and i’m keeping it that way. I’ll leave the non important things like where to eat and sleep where it belongs… the wind. I’ll just play it by ear and enjoy the next week or two and take it all in as much as I can and cruise along the river for a couple days, then head for some hills and before I know it – the bike will be packed away and the next journey begins. I’ll soak up the beautful little townships and enjoy every second I can pedalling thor on the open road for the the last few miles – Thor and I shared some great times didn’t we Thor…**awaits answer**

PS –One photo today – look at my crap EVERYWHERE – just reorganised my panniers and really drying out everything. There goes another hour packing it all in again.

The crap I fit in is amazing


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