Day 72/73 – Metz-Tonnoy-Epinal (Fr)-150km’s

Day 72 – Metz to Tonnoy (France) – 89.4km

KM – 89.4

Avg – 17.3

Saddle Time – 5:08


Today I had a really great day – I had the feeling as though I didn’t want to waste it – the sun was shining alllll day and it was about 22-24 degrees. It was the best day I had weather wise for about a month I think. I didn’t rest that much (just to get coffee and sample a patisserie or two (see photo) – they make everything so delicate in the patisseries here and wrap it all up neatly and give it to you in a nice bag – for the effort that goes into it – it’s pretty cheap.

The French roads are a little chaotic but there is some purpose in the driving and you feel quite safe. The cars seem to give you plenty of space and after having a few chats in the last couple days people tell me that cars just know in France that cyclists are everywhere and they give them lots of room. Something along the lines of ‘the bike is always going to be the ‘weakest’  in an accident so they say and therefore the cars always give plenty of space so that’s nice. I rode a few k’s with some other cyclists that were yelling alle alle to me so that  boosted me up and i kept up with them for a while – they tried to drop me but i lasted quite a while – had a good chat and they took off as soon as the hills started-buggers.

It was just a great day and felt great to pedalling and feeling good in the sun and seeing all the little towns that are getting nicer and nicer as I make my way down to the bottom of France (ish). Wally – you would’ve loved the route I picked – sorry to burst your bubble and it’s a shame not to be sharing the good days but I’ll have a drink for ya ok. I know the hills are coming soon –I followed a river and there were only a few small climbs but the next couple day will be hard – i chose one climb – i think it’s 1200 or 1300 and then back down again and crack a U turn and perhaps end in Besancon –see how we go.

France is beautiful and really enjoyable to cycle through if you choose the nice roads – nice = hilly though but it’s worth it.

I saw a campsite sign at the 85km mark and followed it only to see that it’s been shutdown for about what looks like 10 years – i’m here anyway in overgrown grass and old power sockets everywhere – kind of looks like a shutdown drive through cinema but with heaps of grass – i’m camped behind a bush alongside a river and have eaten my dinner already and relaxing in my tent. It was a great day and I am looking forward to tomorrow and i’m itching to get back on the bike again and just stroll through….EVERYWHERE – i want to see it all….Goodnight all – thanks for following and living the experience with me – the only difference is you don’t have a big beard or look like a bum like I do..


Night – Red


Day 73 – Tonnoy to Epinal (Fr) – 61km

KM – 61

Avg – 16.9

Saddle Time – 3:36

Hello again all – today was another brilliant day (Sorry Wally but it was) I rode hard because I was enjoying it – I was climbing the small but steep hills all day and powering up them and strolling on the straights. Autumn is beginning to look really nice and I was blesses with another sunny day. I made sure today was a little lighter on the k’s as I know I’ve got some big hills coming from now on until I get to Besancon. I found a campsite early and picked my spot and came back down and saw that the library has internet so i’ll post here then go back up that steep hill and cook my tea – spaghetti, boiled eggs, soup, bread, yoghurt and some lollies is tonight’s menu – i’m already hungry just thinking about it mmmmmm.

The campsite I found is another closed one which I like actually – no one there and the whole site to myself and silence. I tested the shower and the warm water is on WOOHOOoooo.

Some days you like talking to people and some days not. Some days you actually talk more than you do at home as everyone is interested in your story (or more like telling theirs hehe) and you talk all day and some days (even in a row) you don’t mumble a word to anyone. Today was a lot of taking. Someone offered me accommodation in their home again but I kindly declined and he then said that Aussies love to drink so he’ll buy me a wine hahahah that’s the last thing I want on the bike.

I know that it’s pretty obvious but I didn’t think that it would be everywhere. Everywhere you go there’s a French person with three baguettes in their hand and a smoke – and everyone is kissing everyone hello all the time. Apparently there’s no preservatives in the bread (so many people have said) so they buy it sometimes twice in one day – it’s not uncommon.

I came across a brainstorm idea as I am always asking for water (because I can’t be bothered using my 10ltr water bag allllll the way back in my panniers and then tie everything up again – I like to use that for at camp) – the cemeteries here in france all have fresh water as people use it for the flowers – if it doesn’t say ‘non potable’ then it’s drinkable and really nice too. I read it up on the internet a little (because the internet NEVER lies hehe) and apparently the water in France is drinkable everywhere. A lot of rumours years ago from the wars and buried people/horses and shrapnel dirtied the water but it’s all been renewed now and is very nice actually – there’s a cemetery in every little town so no more hunting – the little things like that make the day go a lot smoother.

As I got closer to my last stop I knew that the river flowed through the town and I f0und a track alongside it so I just followed the river and weaved my way through beautiful forestry and ended up right where I wanted to be.

So i’m in the library and happy with another day in the saddle – I am feeling really great on the bike and ready for some hills tomorrow and just excited to be out there and loving every minute of it (even the crap parts) well i’m not loving the crap parts but even those will be great memories.


As I stated earlier the towns are getting nicer and more ‘whooahhhhh’s’ are coming out as I go along.



Route from last two days




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One thought on “Day 72/73 – Metz-Tonnoy-Epinal (Fr)-150km’s

  1. ferry

    nice scenery man . the cyclist yelling allez at you , it means go go go , in the tour de france it is common that the audience is yelling it to support . the z in it is silent , same as all last letters in french words ) since all news here is about armstrong and his liestrong bullocks , you wearring a livestrong outfit in france proofs you dont give a d%#$# be safe man , dont accept any candy from strangers !))

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