Day 49 – Waringhof to Haddorf (Germany)

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Day 49 – Warringhof to Haddorf

KM – 86

Avg – 17.8

Saddle Time – 4:50
















Today was great – apart from getting out of that warm sleeping bad in the morning and packing up the tent in the rain..uurrgghh That has to be my pet hate from now I think. I don’t mind riding in the rain at all but just the first 30 minutes in the cold and rain is the hardest but once you’ve left it’s all good. I’ve always said that there’s no such thing as bad weather…..just bad clothing.

It rained pretty much all day on the bike today and I still had a great time. Part of this is the Europe I came to see…the cold frosty mornings on the bike. The fresh, misty, wet forest smelling, dewy, cold mornings. There’s something refreshing about being layered up on the bike (see pic) and not getting wet and feeling toasty warm but riding in cold weather. Don’t get me wrong – that sleeping bag was so oven like and packing it all up sucked but once you’re up and running as I said – it’s a sweet feeling.

It never rained full on today but pretty constant – When it pours and pours down all day – it’s fun for about 1-2 hours then you’re ready to call it a day almost as it gets annoying. But off and on rain, cold, fresh, in Europe, exercising, empty brain and just pushing the bike along and cranking those pedals – there is something addictive and calming about it

The wind was on my back again today which was great – Made it easy to nurse the hammy still which is still annoying but not enough to stop. I wouldn’t be able to push hard in hills that’s for sure so I am lucky I am close to The Netherlands and on flat terrain. The wind picked up violently about 10km from campsite I picked out and not in the favourable direction either – I had to lean all my weight to the left as it was pushing me all around – I m hoping that it subsides tomorrow because I have about 120km to get to my Cousin’s place and rest it for 8-10 days.

I have cooked my dinner (pasta, bread, eggs, veggies, muesli bar, lollies, cheese) I think that’s it hehehe – and am all warm in my tent and it’s blowing a gale outside – a nice feeling to be warm and dry.

See you tomorrow after I hit the new Country YAY!

PS – Almost forgot – I HIT 3000km MARK TODAY WHOOP WHOOP….I am so happy about that – it is almost the half way mark. I think in total I should hit about 6-7000km but It’s a great feeling.

Today’s Route





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