Day 23 – Oriszentpeter to Koszeg

Km’s – 76

Saddle Time – 4.75hrs

Avg – 16

Well as stated – I’m in Hungary wooohoooo. It definitely changes the minute you get over the border that’s for sure. The cycling signs are pretty good though. They have one for cars with the major cities on it and then one small one underneath for cyclists (towns closer to you). To be honest – not much has happened in Hungary – I guess that’s probably because I AM IN THE STICKS…literally. Not much to see and just passing through. I don’t think i’ll really get a feel for this place as I did Italy and Sloevenia but that’s ok – at least I get a ‘vibe’. Without being rude….so far my opinion of the people here are that they just go about their business and are not cruel or anything but treat me with how you say ummm indifference….that’s fine though – I can’t really comment or have a real opinion about the whole country in just 250km of one country – just commenting on my experience is all.

As stated – I am literally in the sticks – very very small towns – very small local shops – not one word of English (adds to the experience) – even got down to drawing pictures on paper to convey message hehehe all part of the game.

I was in a rotten mood for about the first 2-3 hours I think. I actually think I have some fatigue but not enough to actually need rest if that makes sense. Plus I didn’t see much along the way to raise spirits plus I think my biorhythm is at its peak at about 3pm onwards anyway – that’s what I am thinking anyway as the mornings are always hard. I realised I was saying in my head ‘ my left knee is sore, my back is tender, my legs hurt’ and then about 3 hours into it I was FLYING!!!. That seems to be the norm I think…the first couple hours are filled with too many stops and then the afternoon comes and I fly. I think I have cycling legs but not my touring legs yet – I think that takes some time – with proper eating and drinking which I know is very important (physically and mentally) whilst touring it just takes time – but I have that hahaha

BTW – my campsite last night was $5aud hahaha SWEEET and only one campervan and that’s it – quiet, clean and with facilities perfect.

I had tw o coffees along the way – 5/10 for both – not bad but not good.

One was at lunch when I found a little pizza place in a town of about 5 people. The lady smoking at the counter grunted at me and somehow I got a vego pizza hahaha.

It turned out REALLY NICE and all up I had a whole large pizza, soda water, coke zero, coffee ($7aud)…NICE!.

At one stage today I got onto a bike route and thought it was awesome as it was smooth and leading me right to where I want to go – then it just stopped and went into a dirt road….I thought – I could cycle 30 minutes back but then have to come back the same direction or GPS the dirt road and see how far it was hmmm 7km….I threw caution to the wind and went down that dirt track – well ladies and gentleman – it was the wrong call hahaha. I ended up riding through someones cornfield for about 25 minutes and then into some crazy 4wd track but then found the road again after about 40 mins and was on track. Crazy times with panniers let me tell you. Photo of lunch break in woods attached.

Anyway I made my way through the day – struggled really but warmed up to it coming into the 4th hour. Went into the city and found a cheapo hotel $25aud for bed, shower, breakky – pretty good – I only spent $10 so far in the day so that works. I realised I can’t do an exact route because some of the roads you can’t even zoom into on google maps.

I took everything to my room and locked my bike up inside the hotel (they were nice enough to let me keep it inside. Then walked around town before finding a nice restaurant – grilled tuna, bowl of vegies, serve of dumplings, 2 beers – $10aud – works for me….Walked around the town for a bit – it’s a lovely little town filled with nice coffee shops and the like – a few castles and churches – nice lighting.

Sorry – nothing exciting to report really – just a day in the saddle but I am here and loving every minute of it. I am thinking Vienna is definitely the go…it’s 110km and i’ll try to make it there tomorrow but if I don’t feel up to it – i’ll half that and do it in two – no probs – 6 days on – 2 days off – sounds good to me.

Today’s Route



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