Day 39 – Tworog to Wroclaw (Poland)

Day 39 – Tworog to Wroclaw (Poland)

KM – 180.6

Avg – 20.7

Saddle Time – 8:41

**says in dart commentator’s voice** ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

















I know they don’t but I hope Poland have good road repairers following my tracks today because I tore that sh!t up. I killed it today. It started off with breakfast in bed which I ordered which was so great – such great service in this little town of Tworog. Made it so much easier to get on the road early and kill those k’s. I originally only wanted to do around 100 but I just kept going.

It was 7 degrees this morning but I knew there was no rain so on with the arm and leg warmers and it was crisp and beautiful – I love this part about Europe – the fresh cold mornings – Fog everywhere – I know it will get colder but this was great. I remember my mum talking about keeping the hands, feet and kidneys warm. She used to put newspaper around her stomach in the cold winters of Holland – I didn’t think much about it at the time but she’s right you know – you keep those kidneys warm (even my prosthetic one) and it’s all hunky dory. Times have changed a little and I substituted newspaper for the correct layering but point taken Ma – thanks.

My first break came at around the 40km mark – I asked the first person I saw if she knew where good coffee was and she walked me there – it was good coffee too…so onwards I went and although there was trucks and cars and not much road to ride on AGAIN….it was a lovely day today. Nice rivers, farms, forests. It was a mixed bag of being enveloped in forests to riding through open green fields with fog hovering above them – really nice.

At the 100 km mark I was still feeling energetic and knew I had a couple hours of daylight so pushed on. I got the 140 km mark and was hungry so I picked a restaurant that was sitting on the road I MAY take if I felt like going on as my main destination was 40km away where I want to catch the train to Berlin. I wanted to make a serious call whether I go on or not so I wanted to monitor the traffic over dinner. It was one straight road to Wroclaw and in 30 minutes I only saw a hand full of cars and not one truck – BRING IT ON (says to self) – So I used the restaurants wireless and skyped the hostel to see how late I could check in and was all good on that part. It was clear sky and a beautiful night with the now night fog creeping in. So on goes the front spotlight, high vis gear, helmet lights, rear light and off I went glowing like a Christmas tree. It was great riding. Not one truck passed me and just a couple of cars and I was in my element. I am now sitting in my hostel directly across from the train station in which i’ll check out tomorrow and see what bag full of surprises it will be to get my bike and I on there to Berlin.

My body feels great (ask me tomorrow though) and I am ready for a shower and bed that’s for sure – what a day.

Wish me luck.

Red – OUT!.

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