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Hi There,

Thanks for visiting my website – what is this website all about – it’s about one guy, one bicycle (Called Thor and also known by his native Indian title ‘Dances With Wolves’), 3 months, solo touring, Europe, camping, cooking, getting lost, 5000km’s of pedaling, and an added month on the end with one wife – trekking in south america,  one jungle tour, one Machu Picchu – the list just keeps going on – so sit tight and hold on – there’s a lot of crap to go through 🙂

I just made this website a bit easier to read the whole story if you so desire as it’s kinda hard on WordPress.com to navigate to the first few posts and follow it from there so…….

There is two ways you can read the whole thing – one is to click the links below and follow it that way or the other is to click on the fixed link up the top titled ‘The Whole Shabam’ – you can go through the pages in order then by clicking ‘newer post’ at the end of each post on your computer or ‘next’ on your smartphone

A) Don’t forget to click on the link up the top and read the introduction page as to the WHY

B) Now go and read about the trip to find out the HOW

Happy reading peeps and thanks for tuning in. Stay tuned for the next crazy idea…………….I already have some ideas but not telling yet


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