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  1. travis

    Hi Adrian
    Sorry not to have written to you for a while but the dumb piece of crap that is our computer gave up working. It has now gone to hospital and will be back on Monday. You will remember we were having all sorts of problems with it before you went and it only got worse from there. Hopefully it will return in working order!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND hopefully my blood pressure will return to normal without too much damage my brain.
    I imagine you are enjoying some time out so to speak and resting those overworked legs. Malcolm was lamenting his skinny arms today but on the bright side he said he could kick a wheat bag 50 metres because his legs are so strong. You don’t have the arm problem but I bet you could kick a wheat bag 100 metres!
    The beard is different (notice how polite I am being). My God you look different.
    Fantastic you are in the Nederlands when Robyn, Ned and kids are there too.
    Anyway, I am using Trav’s computer and now Malcolm wants it, so I will sign off.
    Take care. Say a big hello to Robyn and family from us. Miss you heaps. Love Jean

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