The Equipment List

List if items I am taking
Item Weight (grams when I can be bothered)
Saddle cream to avoid those nasty blisters in the groin region
Sunscreen / Repellent
Drugs (ventolin, anti inflammatory, nurofen)
Paperwork (copies of passport, spare photos just in case, itinerary, birth certificate etc etc)
Standard Tarp (400)

Lightweight Microfibre towell(300)

Good quality victorinox multitool with pliers (320)

Alien bicycle multi tool (various allen keys, chain breaker etc) yes I know I know two multitools – I’ll sacrifice the weight for the gain of the functionality of both

Tent (Salewa) (2800)

Tent Repair Kit (50)

1 x Cooking Pot (500)

Sleeping Bag (forgot brand but probably not warm enough – we’ll see hehe (1200)

Handlebar Bag (Topeak)(1200)

Water Bottles (80)

Headlight (Petzl) heard great rewview about battery life as my last one didn’t last even 10 hours – this one supposed to give me approx 90hrs (60)

Cutlery (80)

Mozzy Head Net (30)

V4i Pedalpower Acc (200)

V4i Battery Pack (190)

V4i Dynamo Hub (750)

Thermarest Matt & Chair Attachment – pretty cool attachment that makes my bed a chair (700)

Inflatable Pillow (275)

Sea to Summit Foldable Sink (170)

First Aid Kit (240)

Small Waterproof Bag (50)

Cooking Windshield (260)

MSR Pocket Rocket (for butane canisters) I read reviews some say doesn’t work well in high altitude or very cold weather and canisters are heard to get – I hope not hehehe as I don’t want to buy a new one 🙂 (80)

Plate (MSR foldable sides to make bowl) (165)

Various Spare Parts – zipties, ductape, small amount or rope, sealant, o-clamps, pannier and rack spares, chain links, brake and gear cables, lube etc, Spare Tyre, rag, toothbrush for crevice cleaning, spokes (800)

Two flashing helmet lights

1 high beam cygolight (usb rechargeable)

1 rear knoggy bicycle light

1 Cycling computer (topeak panorama)

Wet Ones (350)

Waterbag (10 litre) (260)empty

Camera & Tripod (250)

Asus Netbook (forgot the model but it has 13 hour battery life and lasts forever)


lightweight anti bacterial sponge

Clothes – 2 sets of cycling knicks, two cycling shirts (one macpac merino cycling shirt), 3 pairs of socks (one warm), couple pairs of jocks, 2 t-shirts, 1 pair of pants (zip off to shorts), sneakers, crocs, cycling shoes, bandana, MacPac thermals top and bottoms, Wind proof kathmandu jacket (wicked going away pressie), Skins (long)

Wet Weather Gear – Seal Skin 100% waterproof gloves, A02 waterproof pants, Endura rain proof jacket, Neoprene Shoe Cover, Castelli 100% waterproof arm and leg warmers

Random toiletries

Couldn’t be bothered updating weight of everything but I will give you a total (minus water and food obviously) when I have it all packed

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