Day 2 – Malpensa – Packing

It was a pretty uneventful day. I planned to stay two nights to get my bearings, put my bicycle together (fine tuning included), pack the panniers, work out some routes. I fiddled with my phones pre loaded gps maps and kinda found out that the bicycle route it chooses (after playing with the settings etc) goes WAY out of the route I wish to go when entering a destination but I can still use it to locate and see street names etc so that’s good. I am glad I chose two nights here. Doing some google mapping I now realise that to take secondary roads will be a nightmare in Italy. I already knew that but now I know if that makes sense. Tomorow i’m off to Milan for the first day on the bike eeeeeep. Nerves creep in and biting the bullet is the best way to overcome that. Tomorrow I need to locate a bicycle shop to get some selle crema (saddle cream) and a few other things and a camping shop to obtain some gas for my cooker, a tourist info place and my camping spot – it is going to be a challenge to fit that in but we’ll see how we go after getting some maps from tourist office.

After spending a few hours mapping and fiddling my bike is ready. This place is so hospitable – so cheap and even the coffee is awesome. Actually – seeing as though this is a tour for the best coffee in Europe (well i’ve just made it that) I have had three coffees so far (only two requested though). All of them have been ace. The one in the hotel – awesome machine – freshly grounded beans and great froth 9/10. Yesterdays coffee from coffee shop also a 9/10. Even their macchiato was delish. Ok enough about the most important thing on earth.

The lady at the front counter offered if she should ring the restaurant and get the lovely old man to pick me up again but I decided to walk this time. It’s warm here but not overly so it’s beautiful at night. I walked to the same pizza shop and had a beautiful mushroom pasta. Everything comes with free bread (too much of it) and bread sticks hahaha – it was awesome 9/10 and cheap too. Not long though and it’s starting off cooking with gas hehehe.

Until tomorrow where the pedals start cranking and the hotel rooms slept in will be scarce, I bid you goodbye – sorry for the boring post – i’m sure I will develop writing skills somewhere down the track hahaha

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6 thoughts on “Day 2 – Malpensa – Packing

  1. Karin


  2. Keena

    scary stuff kid, seeing your bike all packed up like that…. ps i like the comment under the pizza box pic! you idiot! hahaha

  3. Tim

    Wow red. Great reading your comments. Far out first day of riding should be a good test, get rid of those nerves. I love italian pizza my mouths watering.keep safe…

  4. Taxman

    Seriously awesome. Can hardly work that next few months accommodation,clothing,kitchen etc packs into “that”.
    Ok, some hotel & dining action,but still.
    The food has my stomach wanting

  5. Ferry

    Nice writing man , i think you ate pizza today as well haha ?

  6. Ferry

    Btw man , if you want good coffee , try a coffeehouse in vienna when you pass it , an austrian friend if mine claims that it is the best coffee in the world )

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