Day 88/89 – Train from Chambery (FR) to Cardano al Campo (IT)



Awesome cycling tourer 1

Awesome cycling tourer 2


Awesome urban kid 1


































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Day 88 – Chambery to Milan (Train Ride)

I purchased my train ticket last night so that was out of the way and the rest was just ticking boxes for preparation and conversion from red bearded caveman, one set of clothes, bicycle panniers stinky tourer to red bearded caveman, more sets off clothes, hiking shoes, backpack and suitcase for airplane transport but still a stinky traveller.

I had a few hours to kill and found a large supermarket that was 5km’s away – Thor where are you when I need you. I thought I need some more walking in my legs for Peru and wear my shoes in also so I hoofed it on foot with all my luggage to try to at least try to find a suitcase. I purchased that in no time and converted all my gear into that and then ticked off a few more boxes with some clothes – almost set now – just a few more things to do in Milan before I set off. A good 10km walk with all my gear – a small victory to finish the trip off on France

Headed off to the train station and am now sitting in the train for the 5 hour journey to Milan. The French railway system seemed pretty easy to understand and found my platform, carriage and seat pretty easily – for 67Eur it’s not too bad actually.

Leaving France now and going through multiple tunnels and viewing the alps from the comfort of a chair which is nice – I will come back here and search some more hiking out that’s for sure – I think if I come back i’d organise some multiple day treks backpack style staying in the cabins along the way that they have for shelter in certain points – that would be the ultimate I think.

So Milan central train station I thought (I’m not sure if I got off two stops early or it ended there and I couldn’t be bothered working that out) but I had to catch another train to Milan Central – that was fun, then the bus to Malpensa airport where I organised a free shuttle from my hotel to pick me up from there. All set – Ended up in the hotel at 10pm and happy to be back where I started the tour.

The lady at reception recognised me and I showed her a pic of my bicycle box hoping she’d remember because she was the one who had to dispose of it when I first arrived three months ago. I was expecting an applause and a welcome home party but all I got was a key and directions to my room. What was I expecting really – c’mon red. She did recognise me though and we had a quick chat about the trip etc etc. The hotel is really nice here in Cardano al Campo – nice staff – huge rooms, breakKy, wifi – the works – pretty cheap too.


Day 89 – Conversion – Bicycle Tourer to Urban street kid/Inca trail destroyer

So I’ve converted from red bearded awesome cycling tourist to red bearded awesome urban street kid/Inca trail destroyer – the transition is complete.

I know from travelling that EVERYTHING is closed on Sunday’s in most of Europe so decided to not go to Milan today. I still need to buy a few things so I’ll do that tomorrow. I chose to exercise a bit and get some walking done and tear up the streets of Cardano al Campo. On with my new backpack and shoes again I walked over 15km today – in the rain – have to get used to that for South America. I was walking around the place like I own it – so much difference in the manner in which I get around compared to when I first arrive. It was funny to compare as I walked around today. I finally got around to washing my clothes at a laundromat (for the 3rd time – don’t laugh) and now back at the hotel chilling out with a becks and reading a bit about Peru. A nice relaxing day really and a great feeling to walk around where I first started and remember what was going through my head in the first few days. Milan tomorrow then airport to South America the day after – WHAT THE!!! I can’t wait for the next chapter.

Note the map below – It’s the travel in the car my cousin and I did when we met up in lons le saunier FR – you can see multiple loops around the lake near Annecy – that’s my cous and I taking in turns to run out the car and enquire about the hotel and then keep moving ONLY to bloody end up where we started – always like that isn’t it. Funny thing is we did the same for restaurants and the M sign at maccas was looking larger every time we drove past it which was multiple hehehehe. Ended up having probably the freshest, tastiest Mexican i’ve ever had – so it was worth it.

Route of short awesome holiday in Car



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One thought on “Day 88/89 – Train from Chambery (FR) to Cardano al Campo (IT)

  1. Malcolm

    Hi Aidie – all but over for Europe hey, now onto South America. Look over you shoulder, Karina is on the way, we sent her packing about 10 hours ago so she is about half way through her 13 hour leg to Peru. Enjoy you next leg of this journey. Guess there won’t be so many bloggs from the mountains hey.

    Stay safe

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