Day 10 – Verona to Vicenza

70km 3.5 hrs Saddle Time

Today was pretty uneventful actually – although I did say goodbye to a couple more friends I made (Feret and Thomas) – obviously we solved the worlds problems over a couple dinners we shared together which was nice. We had a lot of great talks and its really nice to get into conversations that aren’t surface. Not that I don;t mind crapping on because as you all know that’s one thing I do well. But just to get past the standard questions from people thinking im crazy and asking me where to, how far, how long – I like people being interested in my travels don’t get me wrong – it was just a very memorable chat – chats you normally don’t get into when you’re busy working, cleaning, paying bills etc etc. Especially with a beer in hand and overlooking the old city of Verona. Just before I left we had a goodbye coffee of course and Feret gave me his map calculating tool (map wheel) as a thanks for the conversation kind of thing. You turn the dial for the ratio of map your reading and then walk along the map and it shows you the kilometres. Perhaps he has good instinct and knows how bad my map reading skills are and felt sorry for me. It was so nice I didn’t want to take it but he insisted and I think it is an offence not to. A couple photos more and coffee finished and we said SCHEEEYA.

Map reader with the wheel on top

Oooooooooooooon the road again – it was great to get the legs pumping and see different towns again – I was starting too feel like a resident and that means it’s onwards and upwards (or sidewards in my case). Some korean cyclists stopped me just to take a photo with me – must be the beacon of the hair again – what’s with that?

I basically rode through all industrial streets on secondary roads so it wasn’t all that nice – stopped for lunch in a park and ate my leftovers in a wrap. Then headed off and 70 clicks later made it to the tent site – pretty basic – just showers and free internet all for 22aud. no tables, chairs anything but that’s ok – lucky I have my thermarest chair setup

Happy to be cooking dinner and chilln and excited about tomorrow – I got to go to  Mestre which is right near Venice. I’ll leave early tomorrow and get to Mestre then take a day trip to Venice – get in get out I say. its tourist time and I am loving the little cities and their character more I think. But I am so close I have to go don’t I?

It’s almost hilly time in Slovenia – I picked up a map from a bookstore today for all of Sloveia (WHOOT WHOOT) and it has campsites and the works on it – i’m stoked. I also picked up a bit of reading for the way – it’s about the first westerner to ever walk the inca trail which i’m about to do soon

Menu for dinner tonight.

Course 1

Pasta, Bolognese sauce / Fried zuchini / Cheese / turkish bread

Course 2 – Pear and Cabbage salad with a touch of good olive oil and salt (Thank Feris and Thomas for that recipe)

Dessert – Half a pear and some lollies.


Track of today










Some random Vids

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2 thoughts on “Day 10 – Verona to Vicenza

  1. Steve Yates

    Awesome Adrian. I was in Verona almost 5 years ago. One of my favorite spots. Great blog and keep it coming!

  2. Tonnie and mum.

    Hello Adrian, Love your blog and Mum and I would love to be there but not sure about YOUR bike and YOUR accommodation. As you said 20sssss + going on ???. Your only as old as you feel. Mum doing reasonably well she is in the second week of the second chemo. There are two more to go and the first week is shit but we will make it. The weather is very windy and showers here at Koos and Jane’s but it is nice to be here with the view we have even though we are not moving like you are. After our commitments here in town are over we will go to Normanville for three days before Mum,s third session is due. We are planning to still stay at Robin and Neds while their away as we now know what to expect after each treatment. Mum said keep safe and love from us.

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